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Reviews by our customers

What I like best from Get It Fixed is their ability to access my computer and go through issues with me over the phone and then fix them. It is quite uncanny to sit looking at your screen whilst someone else is driving it. Saves a lot of time and effort. Their service has been very good over a number of years.

Wilfred Gay - Middle Cove [12/06/2018]

Thanks Gentlemen for your great service.

Michael Godford - Tuross Head [08/06/2018]

Gareth and Gary of Get It Fixed are very patient and will persevere till the issue is rectified whether it be small or complex.

Judy Unger - East Lindfield [7/12/2017]

The technical service provided by Gareth Barrett, Managing Director of 'Get It Fixed' is excellent. Gareth has been attending to problems associated with my domestic Computers i.e. Desktop, iPad, iPhone and TV over several years. Gareth's technical expertise is ongoing and pertinent. He communicates well with his clients and is professional,prompt and utterly reliable. He is highly recommended.

Constance Wright - Kurraba Point [18/05/2017]

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. After experiencing regular internet dropouts on my Apple MacBook, Gareth suggested I buy a low cost USB wifi dongle to overcome the "conflict" with my Telstra Netgear router .... and it now works seamlessly with no internet dropouts. Many thanks for the diagnosis and low cost solution. Very much appreciated.

Michael MacQuillan - Chatswood [18/04/2017]

Extremely prompt and very helpful. With the complications of this increasingly technical computer age, the simplest problem can derail most of us. Gareth provided an instant solution which, in the end, was simple but worried me greatly. I highly recommend his services.

David Castle - Lindfeld [11/04/2017]

I had more RAM put into my laptop. I was given a quote, the item necessary was ordered, I was contacted when it arrived & the laptop was attended to within 20 minutes. What more could one want. Excellent service.

Judy Unger - East Lindfield [16/03/2017]

Awesome service. My laptop was picked up in the morning and returned the same day. Excellent work!

Derek Ruddock - Wahroonga [23/02/2017]

Had huge email and server issues over the past week but Gareth persisted, working out of hours, to reinstate my communications in full normal mode. Ring me anytime for verbal reference. Interiors Consultant 0414661452

Di McKenzie - Mosman [29/01/2017]

Had my computers looked at and repaired before and was happy with the service. Pleased to say nothing has changed with the passage of years. Still the same friendly, reliable service (it was worth the drive from Kellyville). Thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Steven Batfay - Stanhope Gardens [28/11/2016]

This is the third or fourth time I've had excellent immediate service from Gareth. On the last two occasions I have needed to know urgently whether a new computer program is good or bad and how it might affect my existing system. I have had very satisfactory and very quick responses and can highly recommend Gareth

David Castle - Lindfeld [04/02/2016]

Gareth and his team were responsive and able to resolve our issues efficiently

Jonathan Wright - Sydney [25/11/2015]

Gareth gave a presentation to the local Computer Pals for Seniors group & was very well received. He was able to answer the many & varied questions from the floor about all aspects of using the computer & avoiding problems when online.

Judy Unger - Lindfield [04/06/2015]

Fixed a nasty bug in my computer with no fuss or problem. They have also done work for my wife's small children's charity. Always very responsive.

Chris Gorring - Wollstonecraft [26/02/2015]

We're very happy with Gareth's professional, friendly and reliable service. He helped us set up and later upgrade our home office network and came up with solutions to our computer problems. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

Nick Turner - Surrey Hills [4/02/2015]

I had what was for me a major problem in sending images to a weekly magazine with a Friday deadline - Gareth responded quickly to my HELP email - would recommend Get It Fixed to anybody!

Di McKenzie - Mosman [7/12/2014]

I have found that "get It Fixed" are at the top of my list for "Go To" contacts when I strike unknowns while using various Computing devices. Thanks for your invaluable service.

Grahame Littlefair - Tea Gardens [29/09/2014]

Having used Get It Fixed to solve computer problems in the past, when I needed to upgrade my computer they were the first place I went. Gareth and Gary listened carefully to my requirements building a computer to my exact specifications. It was quick, easy efficient and I got exactly what I wanted. All running very smoothly. I love the newsletters too.

Susan - Bellevue Hill [24/09/2014]

Gareth was referred to me by a friend, having had trouble contacting my usual computer problem-solver. I am completed converted to Gareth! He is calm, personable, professional and reliable. Couldn't be happier with this 'find' and have already referred him to several of my colleagues.

Di McKenzie - Mosman [21/07/2014]

Contacted Get It Fixed with a broken keyboard on a laptop. The keyboard was replaced and sent back within a week and with regular updates.

Brian Galea - Sydney [02/06/2014]

Gareth fixed my computer from a very slow to an incredible fast, I don't know what he did but I am very grateful. I took it to him a couple of years ago as well and he did a brilliant job back then and I will take it back to him in the future, and he was very affordable and I have no complaint at all and I recommend others do the same.

Allan W. Gray - Wollstonecraft [24/05/2014]

Gareth came to my premises some months ago and fixed computer in a very quick professional manner. Had to call on Gareth again yesterday when I lost Outlook and thrilled that he was able to fix it up "on-line" no need for a call out. Again very quick & professional. His rates are very reasonable

Ben Williams - Mount Colah [02/05/2014]

What a fantastic service! Gareth came to my home with the parts required and did a brilliant job. What's more, he charged far less than if I took my laptop to the apple store. Thank you Gareth for a great job.

Susan Cribb - Turramurra [23/04/2014]

Second Review - We have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism and expert attention when requiring the services of this company. Politeness, efficiency and expediency when requesting service. We couldn't be better served by this Company.

Nolene Campbell - Lindfield [13/04/2014]

First experience was a call for help when I couldn't get the computer to work. Gareth arrived same day, a miserable, rainy Saturday night. Problem fixed and advice received on how to fix if similar problem were to arise. Second experience was call for help with problems with Windows 8 on a newly installed computer. Problems fixed and my set up reformatted to better suit me. In summary, I found Gareth customer oriented, competent, and worthy of recommendation.

Col Winegardner - Chatswood [28/03/2014]

I had been hacked and lost pretty much everything. Gareth sorted matters out very quickly and I was fully functional very quickly.

Richard Eliott - Roseville [19/11/2013]

When one has limited technical computer knowledge, or the logic required to comprehend the questions being asked to TRY and solve the problem myself, it is wonderful to know that at the other end of the line there is a well-qualified person like Gareth Barrett to help solve my problem. He and the Get it Fixed team rate so highly in my estimation that I would consider them the "find of the century".

Sheila McAndrew - Randwick [19/11/2013]

I was very happy with the overall service and follow up when my computer still had some issues. Everything is now fixed and working well.

Julie Bradley - Dee Why [17/09/2013]

Gareth was efficient, professional and he knew exactly how to remove the QV06 [problem]. We had another technician struggle for over 2 hours! We would highly recommend Gareth from Get it Fixed. Thank you, very impressed with the overall experience.

Craig Mendel - Belrose [10/09/2013]

Gareth & Gary have been helping me with computer problems for several years and they have always been extremely helpful, knowledgable, friendly and efficient. Thanks Guys!

James - Chatswood [03/07/2013]

Thank you to Gareth who handles any computer issue with ease and speed. The service is very convenient as he can come to your home or workplace. He is busy but makes himself available for emergencies. The rates are excellent for a callout service.

Sandra Scott - Gordon [24/06/2013]

Gareth fixed my sons laptop which had fallen off the end of his bed resulting in an unwatchable screen. It was fixed for a fair price with a short turnaround and as he lived not far from us Gareth delivered it on his way home. We have since had a cracked Samsung smartphone screen repaired by Gareth.

Jenny Godfrey - Lane Cove [20/06/2013]

I have had two repair jobs on two laptops performed by GETITFIXED. Both jobs have been done swiftly and professionally and for the quoted price. I will certainly use them again whenever I have issues with my IT equipment.

Andrew Heggie - Hunters Hill [30/05/2013]

Whatever the problem, hardware or software, whatever the age, your's or your equipment, Gareth does FIX IT. Importantly he does so in a courteous and timely manner. This is because he is a good listener and a well qualified "technician". Most pleased to recommend his services.

Michael Johnson - Cremorne [21/05/2013]

I had two laptops attended to. The service was quick and as promised. Top value for money, Would not hesitate to recommend this business to anyone.

Steven Batfay - Stanhope Gardens [18/05/2013]

The service that I received today was exceptional -- I had everything thoroughly explained and the efficiency was very impressive. I would be very happy to highly recommend this company to my friends and associates. I am very appreciative of the help that I received.

Nolene Campbell - Lindfield [23/04/2013]

My recent first experience with Get It Fixed, was a model of efficient and super competent computer service. Gareth arrived exactly on time,i.e. within a couple of hours of my call for help. He resolved my problem systematically, obviously extremely knowledgeable - all at a very competetive cost. Get It Fixed will definitely be my very first call next time. Highly recommended ...

Graham Gilbert - Middle Cove [18/04/2013]

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