Battery Replacement for Laptops, Phones and Tablets

Are you looking to replace a battery in a laptop, smart phone or tablet in Sydney? Get It Fixed is regarded as one of Sydney's best laptop battery replacement companies. Our clients range from mums and dads to corporate executives. Our business is helping you to solve all your battery related problems and provide you with an quick, trustworthy, reliable and economical service. We provide a range of battery services:

  • Our Battery Replacement centre - a flat rate quoted upfront.
    Bring your equipment into our service centre and we will solve your problem. Our team of battery specialists will assess the problem, put their heads together and implement a solution. Our battery technicians have years of experience in electrical and computer repair. Bring your equipment into us, or we will pick it up from you and assess the situation. We are upfront about any and all pricing and always seek your go ahead before any work is performed.
  • Power Supply Testing - Power supplies and batteries can have multiple problems associated with them. We assess your device to make sure the battery is the problem and there are no other power related issues involved. Prices are quoted on a per job basis.
  • swollen battery replacementSwollen Batteries - a flat rate quoted upfront.
    There are many instances of batteries swelling inside laptops and phones and pushing out the internal components, or even damaging the chassis. Swollen batteries can be extremely dangerous, especially if accidentally piereced or punctured. You should bring your laptop into us as soon as possible to have the battery replaced and to minimise the damage to your machine.
  • Pick up and Drop Off service - flat rate.
    If you are unable to bring the laptop, phone or tablet to us for battery replacement, we will come to you and pick it up, where ever you are. It's as easy as ordering a pizza.
  • Battery E-Waste
    We are able to ethically dispose of your old battery after it has been replaced. We have regular ewaste pickups for batteries and other electronics.

If you have any questions please give your local team of battery replacement professionals at Get It Fixed a call (02) 9967-5306 any time.

Or you can fill in the form and we will contact you within 1 to 2 business hours with the most economical quote for your situation:

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Pickup & Return Available

How can we help you?
Pickup & Return Available